More Adelie Penguins!

I am not well-versed in video editing or posting. Since I'm having trouble uploading video elsewhere, I'm going to post some of my penguin videos here instead. For starters, more Adelie penguins!

A look into a colony - it's late in the breeding season, and the rocks are pink with penguin guano. Molting chicks stretch their wings while a parent checks me out. You can tell the chicks from their down-like feathers, which they're molting out of, and their white chins.

Adelie parents are very busy once their chicks hatch, going to sea to feed on krill and bring food back to their young. Since they lay two eggs, successful Adelie pairs are busy trying to raise two chicks. Here is a parent feeding a chick - the chick is already molting into its adult feathers - see the sleek white & black swimming feathrs, compared to the patches of fluffy down-like chick feathers?

MMM Krill! Hope you enjoyed the Adelies - I'll be posting more video in the next week.


RobMonroe said...

I'm grateful for thumbs - and forks! Though, knowing my particular daughter, things would be easier if I just regurgitated like penguins do!

jessieisskoopy said...

Awesome feeding video. I want a baby penguin.